About Us

Hicktown Couture began with a love for country twang and rock power. We set out to visualize that love. By blending the slow pace of country living with the fast pace of urban life, we brought Hicktown Couture into being. We take the work ethic of the traditional country boy and the independence of the contemporary small town girl, and mix it up with a wild side embraced by the next generation.

At Hicktown Couture we believe that modern county boys and small town girls deserve a brand that allows them to quickly jump from a day of hard work to a night of crazy memories.

Hicktown Couture pledges to always represent this lifestyle, and instill pride in anyone who wears it. Our founders are proud of this lifestyle, are working hard, and will continually strive to provide a brand appealing to any person who understands, appreciates, or shares our vision.

We are four guys with roots in the Mid and Southwest, and who believe that the modern country boy is not simply camo, flannels, or 10-gallon hats, and that the contemporary small town girl is sexier than bonnets and bloomers. We are transcending tradition, while maintaining our roots, and creating a brand many can be proud to wear.